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Check out Grammy winning-singer/songwriter Maxwell‘s newest single, “Lake By the Ocean.” The R&B crooner released it over the weekend during a Facebook Live Video Stream and it comes from his highly anticipated second album in the blackSUMMERS’night trilogy.  When asked what the song means during a Q&A session with fans Maxwell says:

12938188_10153379692540997_8559325320913199147_n“The song represents falling in love after a very tough trial period in life and finding contentment in the smallest things next to the biggest things. Being able to be content in a lake when you have an entire ocean near you is for me the epitome of true happiness. You don’t really need more and that you have more within and with the person you’re sharing the experience it with.”

Maxwell recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of his first album, “Urban Hang Suite” and says that he wants to continue to make good music for generations to come.

“Sonically, we try to maintain a certain amount of timelessness and maybe that’s why it takes so much time. In the end, I just want to make a good song. A song that you’re gonna want to play passed the time it was recorded. I just want to make a song that you will play and maybe your children will play and your grandchildren will play.”

Listen to “Lake By The Ocean” below and tell us what you think:

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