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“Grey’s Anatomy” star Jessie Williams is planning to produce and star in a new biopic about the life of celebrated actor and activist Harry Belafonte Jr. The actor shared the news this week while appearing on the Denzealots podcast, hosted by W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery.

“I care more about activism and social justice and law than I do about acting. I have an awesome job that I love, but there’s this magnetic force that is constantly pulling me toward activism. I just have to do it,” Williams said.

This would be the first film (to my knowledge) about Belafonte and his extraordinary life and career. I had the honor of seeing him in concert about 12 years ago at the Atlanta Civic Center and was totally blown away by his amazing talent and ability to still captivate an audience at 77-years-old.

RC will keep you posted as this continues to develop.


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