Posted by | Ray Cornelius 

The summer may be winding down but not for MAAD*MOISELLE!  The rhythmic pop-siren just released a sexy, hot, new single titled, “Sweet & Low.” The song, which was written by the part-time fashion model, premiered on yesterday and was inspired by her music idol, Diana Ross.

“I really looked to the 70s era this time around — all of the glam, glitz and groove. It was important for me to make the music feel good. I want people to get up, dance and have a great time, but also feel the sound. The 70s played a huge role in creating this record. We just wanted to create something that felt fun and organic. I loved how the music and culture during this decade made people forget about their worries and I want to do the same for people in the present day.”

Check out the tune below and tell us what you think:

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