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Brandy Norwood is sittin pretty on the cover of UPTOWN and rightfully so.  The triple threat superstar has been killin ’em every night in Broadway’s Tony-winning musical, Chicago. But don’t get it twisted!  Brandy is no longer bound to the chains of “celebrity and fame” like her character, Roxie Hart.  Instead, the Grammy-winning singer has found the real  purpose for all of the lights, camera, action.

“I don’t view myself as a celebrity. It’s all about the intention. It’s not about me,” says Brandy to UPTOWN’s Isoul Harris.  I thought that it was before. But, now I know that it is about other people.  It’s about making people feel good about themselves and helping people dream.  The vain stuff, like the pictures I took for this magazine and being in shows, I love!  But it is all just the polish. I’m not a celebrity. A star guides. There is a difference.”

inside photo 3The 36-year-old single mother, who’s enjoyed over 20 years (yes 20) of being in the spotlight, reveals she is more confident about her journey now than ever before and credits that towards “putting in the work!”

“I’m curious, I’m adventurous, I’m spontaneous and that’s what New York is for me,” she says. “And I’m here doing something that I’ve never done and it’s given me so much purpose. It’s just given me this energy to just be. I like the movement in my life now.”

This new level of confidence is also the motivating factor behind Brandy’s desire to play “Dorothy” in the upcoming NBC version of The Wiz.  For her, the character is direct reflection of where she is right now.

“I am Dorothy and I am meant to do it on Broadway,” states Brandy.  “I don’t have a right to be arrogant. Portraying Dorothy is a dream and I just want to experience my dreams. That’s what life is about. I want to inspire someone else to believe in theirs. God created us to thrive. And I am the proof. If I can overcome, then you certainly can too.”

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