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Saturday in Atlanta, tv personality/dentist/relationship expert Dr. Heavenly and the Dr. Heavenly Kimes Foundation hosted its quarterly “Heavenly’s Angels” seminar, a mentoring session that educates young women on health, relationships, finance and self-esteem.

Cha'Kiva Lattrell and Dr. Heavenly Kimes

Ms. All World Beauties Plus Cha’Kiva Lattrell with Dr. Heavenly Kimes

Led by Dr. Heavenly, the seminar took place at the Southwest Branch Library on Cascade Road. Speakers included OB/GYN and “Married to Medicine” star Dr. Simone Whitmore, celebrity makeup artist Fred Sanders, Ms. All World Beauties Plus Cha’Kiva Lattrell and Toya Bush-Harris, also from “Married to Medicine.” Attendees participated in a discussion on dating, reproductive health, makeup and hair maintenance, and self-esteem. They also received gift bags filled with goodies donated by the 135th Street Agency, Allied Integrated Marketing, That’s So Natural, and MillerCoors. Special thanks to Sam’s Club for providing food and refreshments.

Check out a few photos below:

signage Cha'Kiva Lattrell - Fred Sanders - Dr. Heavenly Kimes - Toya Bush

 Dr. Heavenly Kimes talking to attendees

Toya Bush during group discussion

Toya Bush-Harris talking during group session

group discussion

 Group photo

Dr. Simone speaks 2

 Dr. Simone Whitmore talking to the attendees

Fred Sanders discusses hair and makeup tips 2

 Celebrity Hair Stylist Fred Sanders sharing hair and beauty tips

Cha'Kiva Lattrell speaks on self-esteem

  Cha’Kiva Lattrell talking to the participants

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