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Congratulations goes to KEITH CARLOS, the first male ever to win Tyra Bank’s coveted “America’s Top Model.”

I will admit it’s been a minute since I’ve actually sat down and watched an entire season of the CW reality competition series. That all changed a few months ago, when I met Carlos at an event in Atlanta. He appeared to be a really nice guy, kind of shy with an air of mystery about him. Intrigued, I thought to myself, “Let me see if this guy actually wins.”

I started watching the show when it premiered in August and knew right away that the former football player possessed that special star quality or je ne sais quoi. Week after week, I found myself rushing to get home and see if he was going to make it to the next episode. I couldn’t believe it; I had become addicted to another reality show…on a Friday night of all days. No dates. No clubs. No parties. It was just me, my sofa, a glass of wine and ‘Top Model.’

Well, I am glad to say that I stayed the course and watched the entire season because Carlos walked away the big winner Friday night. He beat out the two other male model finalists, Will Jardel and Adam Smith, another first in ‘Top Model’ history.

“I loved every moment, even though it was high-stress,” says Carlos to EW about his final fashion show. “If I had to pick one thing, it would be leaving America and going to Seoul. That was my first time leaving the country. Actually being in Seoul and learning the culture and seeing something different—it really opened doors for me, and I feel like now I really want to travel and get out more.”

Check out a few of our favorite photos of Keith over the season:

Keith Photo 2

Keith Carlos 3

Keith Photo 1


RC with Keith Carlos

RC with America’s Top Model Winner, Keith Carlos

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