Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Jada Pinkett-Smith continues to redefine beauty in a new jaw-dropping cover for SHAPE Magazine’s double January/February issue. The 43-year-old “Gotham” actress opens up about staying on top of her fitness game and credits her husband and award-winning actor Will Smith for being part of her daily motivation to keep things “tight and right!”

“Well, I love when Will looks at me and says, ‘You look so freaking good!’ When my husband of almost 20 years can’t take his eyes off of me? That’s amazing.”

The mother of three also admits that while an active sex life is paramount to keeping the romance alive in her marriage, it is really her husband’s intellect and spiritual expression that she finds the most stimulating.

“It’s a big turn-on for me to be spiritually and intellectually challenged by Will. To me, it’s like foreplay!”

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Photo Credit: VibeVixen