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Blaque Book Entertainment started the holiday season off with a bang recently by hosting “Girls, Guns and Roses.” It was the first in a series of Ladies’ Night Out events with a twist that will be hosted by the popular boutique event planning firm.

Charlies Angels

l to r: Nikki Lang-Perkins, Renee M. Palmer, Nicole Blount

The holiday soiree took place at Quickshot Indoor Shooting Range in North Atlanta and featured a networking session along with a gun safety instruction class and lessons on personal safety. The ladies also got a chance to enjoy a few edible delights compliments of world renowned celebrity Chef Jason Ellis.

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For Blaque Book Entertainment’s Principle Solutions Consultant, Renee M. Palmer, the evening was her way of helping the women of Atlanta stay safe during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Renee with Major and Sgt

Renee M. Palmer with Sgt. Renan Lopez and Major Vance Williams

“Being that many of us are single, female professionals who don’t have set hours, I felt it was important to have something like this. A lot of times we’re in an out of our homes and many of us live alone. So there is definitely a need for personal safety,” says Palmer. “It also doesn’t hurt that the gun range has become the new hot spot here in Atlanta. To be able to combine the two and host a ‘party with a purpose’ was the real inspiration behind the event. I think it’s paramount for women to know how to handle a gun and be able to protect themselves especially if there is no ‘knight in shining armor’ to do it for us.”

After the sessions, the ladies got a chance to work with Quickshots NRA Certified Range Safety Officers for a few test shots. Check out a few pics below:

Gun and the law

Renee M. Palmer with guest


Major Vance Williams and Sgt. Renan Lopez teaching the ladies about personal gun safety



Range Rules


Renee with Jason Ellis

Renee M. Palmer with Celebrity Chef Jason Ellis

How to shoot

Ladies getting prepped by Quickshots NRA Certified Range Safety Officers

Loading range


Point and aim




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