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“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Rihanna at the MAC AIDS Fund premiere of Andrew Jenk’s new documentary, “It’s Not Over,” where the superstar dished on her new music, her recent trip to the White House, becoming an Aunt and wanting kids of her own one day!

Renee asked the pop princess, “Are you just going to surprise us? Like could I go home and there would be a new song on iTunes?” Rihanna explained, “You never know! I like to be a little spontaneous about things…. My fans, they dedicate so much of their time and and their energy and their lives to supporting the music… You wanna respect that.”

Of her recent trip to The White House, Rihanna said, “I had a blast!” Renee asked, “Being a fan of ‘Scandal,’ did that make it even cooler?” Rihanna shared,”Definitely! And definitely not even being an American. That was the weirdest part, but it was awesome!”

As for how five month old niece Majesty is already taking after her Aunt RiRi, Renee asked, “Are you going to be showering her with MAC products when she gets a bit older?” Rihanna explained, “I already put on some lip gloss… She likes it. You know what she really likes? Selfies! She loves the camera.” Renee asked, “Do you want to have some kids of your own one day?” Rihanna revealed, “One day, I’ve got tons of work to do.”

Check out the interview below:

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