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A Queen, a Revolutionary and a Mother-to-be-cover the latest magazines.

First up is multi-talented singer and Oscar-nominated actress, Queen Latifah. The Grammy-winning performer is holding court on the cover of November’s ESSENCE. Inside the issue, Latifah dishes about the secrets to her success, her new Bessie Smith film and her award winning day-time talk show.

Queen Latifha inside“She [Bessie Smith] influenced rock and roll, with an effect on everybody from Mick Jagger to Janis Joplin,” she explains. “She was the first Black performer to appear before an integrated audience. She chased away Ku Klux Klansmen when they tried to to set fire to a tent where she was performing.” [ESSENCE] Photo Credit: FashionBombDaily

Shonda inside photo

With three top rated dramas on ABC, Shonda Rhimes knows a thing or two about successful television. The How to Get Away with Murder creator is sittin pretty on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter  where she dishes about her latest conquests and that nasty NYTimes  article that accussed her of being an “angry black woman.”

“In this world in which we all feel we’re so full of gender equality and we’re a postracial [society] and Obama is president, it’s a very good reminder to see the casual racial bias and odd misogyny from a woman written in a paper that we all think of as being so liberal.” [TheHollywoodReporter] Photo Credit:


A very pregnant Zoe Saldana graces the November Issue of ELLE. Inside, the Latin beauty opens up about her career and the reservations she had about playing jazz and blues legend, Nina Simone.

“I actually encouraged Cynthia to cast someone else. But she came to me and said that everybody was afraid, and I thought, ‘S–t, then how can we complain that there aren’t enough films about African-American iconic figures?”
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