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Best Man Holiday  star Morris Chestnut is joining the cast of the upcoming drama, Bus 657.  According to Deadline, the film centers on a father without the means to pay for his daughter’s medical treatment. As a last resort, he partners with a greedy co-worker to rob a casino and the two hijack a bus full of hostages and things go awry. Chestnut will play Derrick “Dog” Prince and is said to the right hand man of casino owner played by veteran actor, Robert Dinero. The film also stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Dave Bautista and Gina Carano. The film is currently in production.

cruzIndie Wire is reporting that an untitled television series based on the life of the late Cuban superstar, Celia Cruz is currently being developed.  Puerto Rican actors Jeimy Osorio and Modesto Lacen are up for the roles of Cruz and her husband and longtime manager, Pedro Knight. The series is a production of Fox Telecolombia Network and will consist of 80 total 1-hour episodes. Cruz was known as the “Queen of Salsa” and recorded over 50 albums. She also won seven Grammy Awards and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She died in 2003 at the age of 77.

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