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Thursday night, Atlanta socialite and famed owner of the uber popular Atlanta salon Snob Life Studio, Ming Lee, welcomed the city to join her as she extended her birthday celebration with the debut of her short film entitled, Pink is the New Black.

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Fashioned after Beyoncé and Jay Z’s On The Run trailer, the plot took viewers on an adventure with the feisty bombshell and her Snob Mobb crew as they searched hell and high water to catch a thief. Viewers sat in suspense as the ladies got locked and loaded to defend what was rightfully theirs. Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan and renowned hip-hop branding strategist Karen Civil both made special cameo appearances in the film.

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After being transformed into a perfectly pink correctional facility complete with a vandalized holding cell, mug shot backdrop and pink carpet, 595 North Event Center buzzed with conversation and high energy as supporters packed the house. Well-wishers included the cast of Pink is the New Black and celebrities such as rapper Trinidad James, songstress D. Woods and crooner Mishon.  Click here to see the 6-minute short.

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 Ming with Trinidad/D. Woods

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