Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Every African-American parent’s worst nightmare is materializing as another unarmed black youth is killed by a police officer following a confrontation as he walked down the street. The shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri is a tragically too familiar narrative in Black America. Similar to the Trayvon Martin Case, this tragedy is garnering national attention and galvanizing public outrage and protest across the country.

Hosted by BET News Correspondent Marc Lamont Hill and Actress Keke Palmer, the BET News Special will deconstruct and examine the key elements of the case through first-hand accounts and will present an exclusive sit down interview with the Brown family.  Premiering Friday, August 22 at 7 PM on BET and Simulcasting on Centric at 7 PM the BET News Special “Justice for Ferguson: The Shooting of Michael Brown” will report on all of the elements that are leading this case to reach its fever pitch.

The BET News special traces this story from when it first made headlines to the rallies that mobilized folks to the streets demanding justice.  The special showcases on the ground footage captured walking through a protest with St. Louis native Nelly to the harrowing moments when the crew is caught in the cross-fire as police turn on protesters and journalists with tear gas and rubber bullets. The Justice For Ferguson special will report on new developments in the case including accounts from a witness who says she saw the murder and has raw uncensored never-before-seen footage just moments after the shooting.  Additionally BET News speaks to Missouri Highway Patrol’s Captain Ron Johnson and NAACP member of the national Board of Directors, John Gaskin.

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