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VIBE is reporting that boxing icon, Mike Tyson would like Jamie Foxx to portray him in a biopic. Tyson revealed the news in a recent interview with the Associated Press and explained why he would like for the Oscar-winning actor to play him in a new project.

“Me and Jamie Foxx have been talking and he’s willing to take that role and portray me as Mike Tyson, doing my life story,” he said. “I think he’s splendid because he’s really up to par. I think he would do a magnificent job.”

This would not be the first time Tyson’s life has been the subject of a movie. For Better or Worse  star Michael Jai White portrayed the championship boxer in the 1995 HBO film, Tyson.

Tyson also revealed that while Foxx may not have his physicality right now, the comedic actor is not afraid to put on the additional muscle that would be required for the role.

“I saw him the other night and we discussed it,” Tyson said. “He doesn’t have the physicality but he will. He’s able to […] get bulky, so he’s capable of doing it in the future.”

RC will keep you posted as this continues to develop. In the meantime, check out a clip of Tyson’s new Adult Swim cartoon, Mike Tyson Mysteries.  According to IW, the half-hour animated series features Tyson and his mystery team which consists of the Ghost of Marquess of Queensbury, his adopted Korean daughter and a pigeon that was once a man.  Check it out below:

[youtube id=”P58WJ-4PxcU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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