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Dana Owens aka Queen Latifah is the happiest woman on the planet right now. Her award-winning talk show, The Queen Latifah Show  has been renewed for a second season, her TV and film career has become the benchmark for other female entertainers to model and she has found her passion again.

Latifah talks to JET Magazine about her newfound freedom and why growth was the key to her success:

“I wouldn’t say I was immature, just more mature in certain areas. For instance, wanting to be more stable and looking at life down the road was something I thought about before, but I was more concerned about being the breadwinner. I never had a boss. When you are responsible for yourself you can do whatever you want. I took full advantage of that. I won’t go into the details, but I’m definitely one of those people who lives life to the fullest.”

Queen Latifah for Jet.jpg78When asked why she decided to do a talk show for the second time, she replied:

“I had a lot to share and wanted to add some positivity to daytime TV; something fun, energetic and with a little more flavor. Personally I’m in a much better spot. I’ve done a lot of growing and I’m okay with being in one place for a prolonged amount of time. Before, I was a bit more nomadic. What has changed about the show?  Me!  I’m in a totally different place now. I wanted to accomplish so much the last time around— acting, singing, producing— so I wasn’t completely focused. Of course I still enjoy doing all of those things but I really want to be here. I’m so excited to go to work every day on the show.”

JET Magazine with Queen Latifah on the cover is available on newsstands today!

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