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On Saturday, April 19, 2014, Beautiful Textures presented the “Preserving the Beauty of Our Heritage” in-store experience to Chicago residents. Held at Walmart (8331 S. Stewart Ave.), the event was hosted by WGCI’s Loni Swain and featured pop culture icon, Angela Simmons, and hit recording artist, Sevyn Streeter.

The event kicked off with WGCI’s DJ Phantom on the turntables to set the energy of the day. WGCI’s DJ 33 1/3 took over at show time just as Loni Swain graced the stage to welcome the crowd and introduce the sponsors. Strength of Nature Global Brand ManagerCamila Crews, greeted the crowd and introduced Strength of Nature Global Marketing Director, Charlene Bastien-Dance, who shared the purpose for the event and highlighted the new Texture Manageability System (TMS) and Dream Kids products.

From there, attendees enjoyed one-on-one interviews with Angela and Sevyn, who both shared their own TMS experience and love for the product. The crowd especially turned up when Sevyn performed hits from her debut EP, “Call Me Crazy, But…” At the end of the program, Angela and Sevyn participated in a special meet and greet where they signed autographs and took pictures with their fans.

Check out a few pics below:

Angela & Sevyn engage with the fans.jpg2

 Angela and Sevyn engage with the fans

Plenty of cameras flashing during the meet and greet.jpg2

 Angela and Sevyn posing for the camera

Angela & Sevyn take a pic with the WGCI promotions crew.jpg2

 Angela and Sevyn with WGCI promotions crew

Angela Simmons, WGCI's Loni Swain and Sevyn Streeter snap a pic before the show begins.jpg2

 Angela and Sevyn with WGCI’s Loni Swain

DJ 33 and a Third kept the crowd hype.jpg2

 DJ 33 and a Third kept the crowd hype

Sevyn shares her hair stories.jpg2

 The ladies swapping hair stories

Sevyn Streeter takes the stage.jpg2

 Sevyn singing to the crowd

Sevyn Streeter sings to the crowd.jpg2

 Sevyn thrilling the crowd with her vocals

Sevyn jumps down to sing with her fans.jpg2

 Sevyn jumps down to sing to the crowd

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