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British beauty Estelle is turning up the heat  with the release of the third installment to her 2013 EP, Love and Happiness.  The singer recently posted a very provocative photo on her Instagram account that features a white pussy  cat perched between a pair of female legs that are dangling straight up in the air along with the following caption:

Coming soon… New music from the final install in my EP series Love & Happiness Vol. 3 How Stella Got Her Groove back featuring Make Her Say (Beat it Up)… Avail 2/18/14

Estelle new music photo

The new project is part of her series that already includes Love & Happiness Vol. 1 Love Jones  and Love & Happiness Vol. 2 Waiting to Exhale.  It is also featured on the singer’s new  independent label, New London Records. Reportedly, it’s a brand new partnership with BMG that puts Estelle in control of her current and future musical endeavors.

“This is a new and exciting move for me,”  Estelle said in a press release. “BMG has been an awesome partner throughout my career, and with New London we plan to continue bridging the gap between soul, pop, London and New York — uniting them through music.”

If this picture is any indication of her new music, Estelle ‘Darlings’ are in for an EARGASMIC  treat!

Tell us what do you think about the art work for the new EP series?


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