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TMZ is reporting that Fast and Furious 7 producer Neal Moritz has put a temporary hold on shooting the film and urges his cast and crew to mourn the death of their deceased co-star, Paul Walker.

Walker and close friend, Roger Rodas died on Saturday when Rodas lost control of their two-seater Porsche and slammed into a tree, causing the car to go up in flames. Several eye witnesses tried to pull Walker from the car but were unsuccessful.

Reportedly, Walker was supposed to be a part of Fast 7  shooting this week in Atlanta. However, Moritz has put a hold on production citing, “There are more important things to worry about and will resume shooting later…”

Several cast members and other Hollywood stars have expressed their heartbreak and grief over Walker’s sudden death including co-star Tyrese, who was seen in tears at the scene of the accident.

Speaking of accident scene, police are asking that fans and mourners stay away. Reportedly, people are doing dangerous burn-outs, donuts and other high speed stunts as a tribute to the fallen movie star. According to TMZ, fans are paying tribute is a very weird way by burning rubber at the crime scene and authorities are afraid another accident will occur. If caught by authorities, offenders will be cited and their cars will be impounded.

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What are your thoughts about fans burning rubber at the scene of the crime?