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Does Kanye West take himself too seriously?  In my ‘less than humble opinion’ he does!

According to the DailyMail in his recent interview with iconic author Bret Easton Ellis he comes across as funny, self-deprecating and erudite, yet at other points, he seems ridiculously out of touch. 

Check out some of the off-the-wall quotes from what some are calling his ‘verbal diarrhea’:

‘The better and better I get at what I do, the  younger I get.’

‘The Taylor Swift thing happened and I had to  grow back up to seven years old….

‘Now I’m mentally completely three years old,  if I talk to paparazzi – I’m three years old, if I argue with Oprah for two  hours I’m three years old…by the time I’m 50 I’m gonna be one.’

Kanye also joked 107.9 Philly about  President Obama calling him a Jackass again, saying: ‘I don’t care if  you’re  the president. I bring joy to people.’

Kanye added that Obama better not say  anything about Kim Kardashian either,  saying … he ‘shouldn’t mention my baby  mama name, ’cause we both from  Chicago.’

But when it comes to discussing Steve McQueen‘s harrowing 12 Years A  Slave, Kanye seems to start taking himself too seriously by far.

The harrowing film follows the story of a  free black man who is tricked then sold into slavery.

Kanye said of the movie: ‘I felt like the  main character, in what I’m dealing with as even as a mega popular rich celebrity (even though you might think f*** you, who are you to complain about anything) attempting to create in other fields, in clothing. 

‘It started with my song, New Slaves, when I  was sitting in Paris with these companies knowing that these  things would sell  on Barneys floor because I’d wear it or Jay-Z wears  it.

‘And then you say I want to be a part of the  creative conversation, to make money from that and they cut you off.’

‘It’d be something I discovered four years  ago and I put it on trend.’

‘Then they gave me one offs, Louis Vuitton I  did one shoe, Nike I did two and they had the most impact  possible.’

‘So I felt as a creative what it’s like to be  free, then when it was taken away I felt as a creative what it is to be  enslaved.

‘To have all of these ideas, these ideas for  products.

Kanye ~ oh Kanye…just have a seat!