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Tony-winning Broadway actress Condola Rashad is setting the record straight about her alleged off-stage romance with her Romeo & Juliet  co-star Orlando Bloom. For weeks now, it has been rumored that the two are pretty hot and heavy on and off stage and that Rashad is the real reason behind Bloom’s break-up with wife Miranda Kerr. However Rashad is speaking out for the first time and insist that she and her Lord of the Rings  co-star are just friends.

“Orlando and I are co-workers and friends, that’s all. The fact anyone thinks anything more I guess means we’ve done a good job portraying passion and love in our performance. People are addicted to shock and extra drama so they’ll go to any measure to credit that,” she tells the Daily Mirror.

Rashad has also fired shots at Wendy Williams. Apparently, the outspoken talk show host recently said a few things about Rashad’s mother, actress Phylicia Rashad and Condola had a few choice words for her.

“You can perpetrate lies about me all day, even though as women in this business, we should be helping not slandering each other…Never come for my mother though. You should have more respect than that ma’am. #KickRocks,” she tweeted.

Romeo & Juliet  runs through December 8.

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