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Over 8,300 high school students drop out each day and Usher wants to do something about it.

The R&B singer has recently signed on to executive produce a new documentary, Undroppable,  along with Justin Bieber’s manager, Scott Braun.

“I knew Usher was very passionate about the issue of education, so I felt this was a great project to bring him into,” said Braun. “His expertise will be invaluable as we continue this film and movement.”

There will also be a major social media campaign attached to the film that allows students to upload videos detailing their personal obstacles. These videos will coincide with the film’s launch which is expected to take place sometime next year.

This is not the first time the Grammy-winning singer has been a champion for young people and education. He currently runs a non-profit organization, Camp New Look, which helps to train young leaders in four areas: talent, education, career and service.

Undroppable is written and directed by Jason Pollock.


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