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Chris Brown just can’t seem to catch a break these days.

The Grammy-winning R&B vocalist was arrested early this morning on felony assault charges after he allegedly punched a man outside of the W Hotel in Washington D.C.

TMZ is reporting that Brown got into an altercation with the man around 4:30 a.m. and allegedly struck him once after their argument escalated. According to the alleged victim, he and his friend saw two women trying to get a picture with the singer and decided to photo bomb it when Brown supposedly “went nuts” and began punching the guy in the face, breaking his nose.

However, Brown’s camp tells a different story. Reportedly the two women were trying to get on Brown’s tour bus when they were stopped and that is when the alleged victim and his friend interrupted.The singer was simply trying to keep the guys off of the bus when things turned ugly. Law enforcement and the alleged victim are also reporting that Brown spewed a homophobic slur before throwing punches, “I’m not into this gay shit, I’m into boxing.”

The alleged victim was taken to the hospital where it is being said that he will need to have surgery as soon as tomorrow and may press charges. Brown and his bodyguard were taken into custody where they will remain until Monday when they will go before a magistrate.  Brown is still on probation for the Rihanna debacle and if found in violation of his probation may face up to four years in prison. Brown was not under the influence of any drug or alcohol says D.C. police.

The “Fine China” singer was in the nation’s capitol performing at the Howard University Homecoming with artist August Alsina.

RC will keep you posted as more of this story continues to develop.

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