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Written by | Ray Cornelius

“Hang all the mistletoe, I’m gonna get to know you better…this Christmas”

Comedic filmmaker Russ Parr was in Atlanta this weekend shooting his new holiday love story entitled, A Christmas Blessing.  The made for television film stars actress Lisa Arrindell Anderson as Pamela Cleveland, a 40-year-old mother of four who finds herself a widow after her military husband (hip-hop star David Banner) is killed during the war in Afghanistan.

While trying to keep her family together and create a new personal and professional identity for herself, Pamela meets a handsome stranger, named Earl (Omari Hardwick) who helps her find a little peace during the storm. Rounding out the cast is Sleepy Hollow star Jahnee Wallace as Pamela’s rebellious teenage daughter Kara, her seven-year-old twin boys Darryl (Jaiden Marquis Boyd) and Gerald (Johnnie Gordon) and the four-year-old man of house, CJ (Jaylon Gordon).

Together, Pamela and Earl learn the realities of dating and single-parenthood, how to deal with loss and tragedy, the importance of family and the true meaning of Christmas in…A Christmas Blessing.

RC had an opportunity to go behind-the-scenes and hang with the actors and multi-talented director. TV One has acquired the original film from Russ Parr’s Up to Parr Production and plans to debut it in early December 2013.

Take a look at some exclusive photos below:

Russ Parr directing

A Christmas Blessing  is a Russ Parr production that will air on TV One in December 2013

Omari and Lisa going over the scene

 Omari Hardwick and Lisa Arrindell Anderson on the set

Lisa Arrindell Anderson getting some assistance

Lisa Arrindell Anderson getting some assistance during the break

 Lisa appeared in Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  and Law & Order

Jahnee Wallace has appeared on The Game, Reed Between the Lines  and Sleepy Hollow


 The Rugrats: Jaiden Marquis Boyd, Johnnie Gordon and Jaylon Gordon

 Omari Hardwick is the host of TV One’s Versus & Flow and BET’s Being Mary Jane

Photo Credit: RayCornelius.com