Written by | Ray Cornelius

Versatile actress Keshia Knight-Pulliam was in Atlanta this week promoting her new partnership with the hair vitamin supplement Hairfinity.  Knight-Pulliam is the new celebrity spokesperson for the brand and was very eager to chat with Atlanta press about how the product has done wonders for her hair.

“I definitely believe in the product and started using it within the last two months and I have seen a difference. Had I not, I wouldn’t be here today. I’m not interested nor do I have the need to sell anyone anything that I wouldn’t use myself. It has definitely made my hair thicker,” says Knight-Pulliam.

“There was a lot of synergy with the brand in terms of my core values and theirs, which is beauty from the inside out. It starts from within you and understanding that what you put in your body is what you get out of it.”

Knight-Pulliam also went on to talk about healthy hair not being a certain type of hair or texture and that we should embrace our differences.

“Healthy hair is not about what type of hair. It’s not about how long your hair is but about the healthiest version of your hair. We all have different hair types and textures. We all wear our hair in different ways. It’s about embracing that. So often people want one type of style and I don’t take issue with women who perm their hair or who wear a weave or rock braids. For me, hair is an extension of my expression of my personality. It’s an expression of my fashion and creativity but I don’t view it as a bench marker.”

Check out  photos from our interview including behind-the-scenes pictures of the Hairfinity photo shoot:

 Keshia Knight-Pulliam with Hairfinity President Tymeka Lawrence 

 Keshia Knight-Pulliam pictured with Hairfinity models

 Keshia Knight-Pulliam has been using Hairfinity for two months and loves it!

RC with Keshia Knight-Pulliam

 Photo Credit: RayCornelius.com