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Biopics seem to be the easiest way for a singer to transition from a successful music career to a booming acting career on stage or in a film.  Hey, it worked for Diana Ross as Billie Holliday in Lady Sings the Blues  as well as Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles in Ray.  Well now it appears that Solange is looking to make the same transition as well. The fashion maven, who most recently performed a show in a real laundromat in NYC, is rumored to be playing Aaliyah in an upcoming film about the late singer’s life.

According to, Solo auditioned for the role earlier this month and just found out this week that she’s got the part. Reportedly, the new film is being produced by the same company that did Think Like a Man.

So far, Solange nor the production company have confirmed or denied the alleged project. To my knowledge, this film would be the biggest role of Solo’s career and by far the most challenging.  She has only appeared in two films, Johnson Family Vacation  and in Bring It On: All or Nothing, which leads me to ask “Can Solange really pull this off?” I am not trying to throw salt in her game but biopics are more than a notion and take more than just some make-up and a few wig and costumes changes to become the character.  Also what angle of Aaliyah’s life will be portrayed in the film and is Solange using her real voice or lip-synching. These are pertinent questions that I am sure die-hard Aaliyah fans and film critics will want to know.

Aaliyah’s popularity has been somewhat on the rise over the last year including Drake’s tribute album and Chris Brown song, “They Don’t Know” using the late singer’s angelic voice as background vocals.  A film about Aaliyah’s life would be timely and a befitting tribute to her enduring legacy.

RC wishes Solange the best of luck and can’t wait to see the final product.

What are your thoughts about Solange playing Aaliyah in a biopic? Which actress would you have cast in the role other than Solange?

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