Written by | Ray Cornelius

LaTocha Scott is on a very important mission these days. Not only did she make a triumphant return to the music scene as one of TV One’s R&B Divas  but she’s also been in the studio putting the finishing touches on her new album, “Truth in the Booth,” which is due out this summer.

After a nearly seven year absence from the music industry, a very slimmed-down Scott is back with a new single, “Show Off” that she says is an ode to her ole school sound. The singer, who released two teaser singles last fall, hopes the full album will bring some balance to radio’s overly saturated “hip-pop” airwaves. According to Scott, it’s time for the real singers  to step it up and reclaim R&B music.

We talked recently about her new album as well as her fondest memories as an Xscape member, why she decided to finally do reality TV and her definition of a real DIVA.

Here are a few excerpts from our conversation:

On naming the album, “Truth in the Booth…”

While I was recording the album, one of the engineers and a couple of other friends stopped by and were like, “girl you are the truth in the booth.” They were like, “You don’t use autotunes. You like to record things the way they used to back in the day.” And I was like, “Yeah, I do.” So the title just sort of stuck with me and I felt like it would be a great for the album.

On why she decided to do ‘R&B Divas…’

When I was first approached to do the show, R&B Divas  I will admit I was a little apprehensive. Like I told you in our last interview, I did not want to do any reality television. So TV One came to me and said, “We see the movement that you’re making in the industry. We see you’re performing and writing songs and this to us would be a great platform for you to show what you’ve been up to because a lot of people have been wondering.” So I took what they said into consideration. First of all, everyone on the show has talent and there is nothing fake about the talent of these women. (LOL) Secondly, they’re also on their grind and are very dedicated to bringing ‘music’ back. So for me, there was a purpose in being on the show that just made sense to me. It’s about music and these women and I were really on a mission to restore music that has been gone for so long.

with LaTocha Scott.jpgadcOn the R&B void in today’s music…

It’s so unfair that R&B music has taken a back seat to hip-hop and pop. I mean, R&B categories have all but disappeared on music award shows. A lot of times, R&B is categorized with hip-hop and that is not what it is. So with that being said, it hurts me because I come from an era where we really did sing. We really did put forth 100% when it came down to your live shows and gave people what they wanted. Nowadays it’s not like that. R&B is very watered down. So now, I’m like ‘LaTocha, you really have a big role to play.’ That is one of the things that Chaka Khan made very clear—that we ladies had some big work to do.

On participating in So So Def 20th Anniversary…

When my sister (Tamika Scott) and I found out that we were going to do it, she was so excited. She called me and was like “OMG, can you believe it’s been 20 years?” And I didn’t even think about it like that. After we got the phone call, we were like what songs are we going to do? So I just felt like OMG this is what people have been wanting for years. Plus it will give us an opportunity to see our friends again. We had not talked to Jagged Edge or Kris Kross in a minute. And I had not talked to Da Brat. So it was the perfect time for us to reunite and do something big in Atlanta.

On remembering Chris Kelly’s last performance at So So Def 20…

You know I thanked Jermaine (Dupri) for doing the show. It must have been something in his spirit that said now is the time. Even with the two of us talking, he said some people were like, “Just wait until 25 years and he said there was something that kept saying, no. Do it now!” So when I think about the fact that it was Chris’ last time performing it saddens me, but then I am so glad that those memories will continue to live on in me.

On her fondest memory of Xscape?

We had a lot of fond memories, like the first time we heard our song on the radio. We were coming back to Atlanta, riding with Kandi’s mom. So we heard our song, “Just Kickin It” on the radio and the announcer said, “Xscape top eight at eight!” We went bananas in the car. I know Kandi’s mom almost wrecked the car because we screamed so loud. We were jumping up and down in the car hugging one another. I remember that time like it was yesterday.

On her definition of a diva…

The definition of a diva? Someone who is very hardworking. She is committed to herself. She is disciplined and someone who is passionate about whatever it is that she loves, whether its music or fashion. A diva is very comfortable in her own skin. That is a diva!

Look for LaTocha Scott’s Truth in the Booth  to arrive this summer!