Written by | Ray Cornelius

Recently I caught up with versatile actor and Dirty South hip-hop star Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges to discuss his new film, Fast & Furious 6.  The former radio DJ turned rapper chatted about preparing for his role and he admitted the biggest difference between his character in this new film versus other installments is that he shows off a lil’ skin. This is a true character turn, since ordinarily he’s the one admiring other’s skin at Atlanta’s famed Magic City strip club.

“The biggest difference I would say is I have a shirt off scene in this movie for the first time. (LOL) It was great for me because you have all these big guys in the film and I was like, I know I can’t compete with them on a mass level. However, I did go to the gym everyday to get ripped.  I think people will be very surprised to see me. My opening scene, I am shirtless man,” says the rapper who is gearing up for the release his 8th studio album, Ludaversal  as well as opening a Chicken & Beer  establishment in ATL’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Ludacris went on to say that while his character does not have any serious action scenes, he still trained with the others and even continues to do so after the cameras stopped rolling.

“I had a trainer and we did a variety of things. Of course, I did lots of heavy weights, dieting and conditioning. We had to get it in, says Luda. “Like I said before, it was great to have individuals around me like The Rock and Vin (Diesel), who both have been doing it consistently for so long and offered me tips, here and there. Working out has become a part of my lifestyle now. So it’s a good thing.”

Check out the trailer for Fast & Furious 6  below:

[youtube id=”dZpc936_Hgo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

You can see Ludacris and his chest when Fast and Furious 6  arrive in theaters nationwide on Friday, May 24th.