Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Singer-songwriter Ne-Yo is on as mission to bring more slow jams and R&B music back to the airwaves in 2013.

The Motown Senior VP of AR recently shared with MTV News that instead of making a resolution for the New Year he would rather put his energy towards getting more R&B out there for music lovers. The singer, who performed as part of MTV’s Club NYE 2013, says he would like to see an increase in that music genre.

“You know what? R&B music. Y’all remember slow jams? I want R&B to make a comeback in 2013 and I’m gonna try and have something to do with that,”

Interestingly, Ne-Yo was criticized last year for having abandoned his R&B roots with the release of his current R.E.D. album.  The first single, “Let Me Love You,” was slammed for its  “predictable pop” sound and lacked the familiar R&B rhythms he is best known for producing.

While were not sure if this is Ne-Yo’s way of  appeasing his critics, we are certainly glad that someone is concerned about the state of R&B, since it has all but disappeared on most mainstream urban radio stations.

What is your take on this? Do you want to hear more R&B music in 2013?