Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Hey RC Fans!   Some of our favorite celebrities have been pretty busy this holiday season.  Check out a few pictures of them in action…

 The ‘supreme’ Diana Ross recently performed for President Obama’s  ‘Christmas in Washington’ TV special.  The show airs next Friday, December 21 on TNT and includes other performances by Demi Dovato and YouTube sensation Psy.

 Ross looks as regal as ever in her black and white ball gown as she ‘reaches out to touch’

President Barack Obama

 Usher took to the clouds recently as he went sky diving over Dubai’s Palm Island

 Usher tweeted before jumping out of the plane: “Yep…I’m doin it! ! SkyDiving…Here we go! !”

He was in town to perform at the World Parachuting Championship.

Alvin Ailey Dancer Renee Robinson bid farewell this past weekend during the company’s 2012-13 season opener at NYC’s City Center.  Robinson has been with the Ailey for more than 30 years. She is the only Ailey dancer to have worked with all three of the company’s artistic directors: Alvin Ailey, Judith Jamison and Robert Battle.

 Robinson extends her arms in praise during the company’s signature finale,  Revelations.