Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Acting titans Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx recently gathered with other Oscar winning performers  for The Hollywood Reporter’s 2012Awards Season Roundtable Series.

The taped discussion features actors Matt Damon, Richard Gere, John Hawkes, Alan Arkin and THR’s news director Matt Belloni and executive editor Stephen Galloway for an uncensored interview about  everything  from handling bad publicity to being 40 and older in Hollywood.

Washington and Foxx also shared how crucial it is for rising actors to focus on their acting craft versus relying on their good looks to remain relevant.  The Flight star revealed what he said to his daughter about being an actress with staying power.

“You are black and you’re a woman and you’re dark-skinned at that, so you have to be a quadruple-triple threat and you know, a lot of actors are not actual actors, they are movie people or whatever it is. I said, you have to learn how to act, dance, sing, move on stage, that is the only place you learn how to act, in my humble opinion.”

Foxx, who is reportedly in talks to play a villain in the sequel to the “Amazing Spider-Man,” also says that it’s all about one’s talent when it comes to making a lasting in impression.

“At the end of the day, you have to have someone who is talented. And when you’re talented and you’re able to, allow the camera to capture you and you deliver a performance. Everyone in this city wants that.”

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