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When I read the news that producers are considering actor Idris Elba as their first pick to play Bobby Brown in a Whitney Houston biopic, I simply said “why?”  “Bobby can play himself!  Idris is tall, dark and handsome; Bobby is…Bobby.”  I am a HUGE fan of Idris Elba & I believe he is an incredibly talented actor but I don’t see anyone playing Bobby Brown better than Bobby Brown…I digress.

Producers are hoping to get Idris Elba to play Bobby Brown in the upcoming biopic of Whitney Houston’s life because of his acting ability.  While producers decide whether they want Elba or Anthony Mackie, who played Tupac in Notorious, to play Bobby Brown, producers are looking at Jennifer Hudson and Halle Berry to battle it out for the role of Whitney Houston.

Though producers want an actress to play all of the people in the biopic, Bobbi Kristina wants to play herself.  If producers have it their way, that won’t be the case.  A shortlist of actresses up for the role of Bobbi Kristina haven’t been released.  As for the pivotal roles of Whitney Houston’s parents John and Cissy Houston, legendary actors James Earl Jones and Diahann Carrol are being courted.

Urban Daily fans have compiled a list of actors they would like to see play Bobby Brown instead of Idris Elba.  The names of the five men are:  Chris Rock, Bokeem Woodbine, Usher, Flava Flav & the obvious choice, Bobby Brown!

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