Posted by | Cyrena Rose

10 years after the original release of Drumline, Nick Cannon has finally announced a sequel to the popular flick.

Cannon announced via Twitter that he will be producing and starring in Drumline 2 and creating a TV show, tweeting:

Shout out to everyone watching Drumline right now. EXCLUSIVE NEWS: I’m producing Drumline 2 and the TV Show for VH1. Stay Tune!”

He went on to say he is not the main character this time around, joking, “he’s too damn old!” Although he reassured his fans he will be in the movie reprising his character “Devon Miles.”

Drumline was a success at the box office earning $57,588,485 nationwide.

Until the sequel is released enjoy the last battle in the original 2002 classic below:[youtube id=”eDXVgqmaYJk” width=”600″ height=”350″]