Posted by | Ray Cornelius

TV and film actress Keke Palmer was on The Wendy Williams Show  yesterday chatting it up about her new album and her good friend Bobby Kristina.  Palmer weighed in on the Houston Family wanting to withhold baby girl’s two million dollar inheritance.

“I think in the entertainment business, people end up getting more so a lump of money than maybe the average person.  So I think naturally you need somebody to help you handle that…not only if you’re 19 but if you’re an adult.  Because it’s a lot of money and nobody is used to really having that much money and knowing what to do with it…So I mean, I would just suggest a good business manager and I don’t see why not they can’t help her and give her the good advice that she needs to handle and keep that money.”

When asked about her two year relationship with music producer Rodney King and her new living arrangements, the 19 year old Palmer was speechless!   She also taught Ms. Wendy a few of her “Ciara” like dance moves from her music video, Dance Alone.

Take a look below…

[youtube id=”eEU768gnsBk” width=”600″ height=”350″]