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Our favorite fashionista, Solange Knowles has surfaced in the pages of this month’s Lurve Magazine.  Although the fashion world has become obsessed with Miss Knowles she admits she had a hard time navigating the ins and outs of fashion.  However, she has figured out that having fun with her style is the way to go.

In her interview she touches on growing up with more freedom than her famous sister, no longer being a part of Carol’s Daughter and her natural hair ‘issues’.

Check out some excerpts from the interview below:

On growing up with less boundaries than Beyonce:

I think your parents set so much structure in the first child because it’s so new and fresh, and you are trying to do everything right, and by the second one  you’re like, ‘Eh, they’ll be okay.”

In one way, I think that my parents’ leniency really allowed me the freedom and experiences to be a very independent thinker.  In a lot of ways, I had the freedom to really explore the world.  They trusted me and I really tried to hold value in that.  That is, until I got pregnant. [laughs]

On the time she vented on Twitter after reading an article about her hair:

I made some comments on Twitter recently about an article someone sent me  that a young writer wrote about how much energy we are putting into other  people’s natural hair.  I thought it was really interesting, and in a lot of ways true.  That is until I came across the part of the article that mentioned how  certain commenters were debating on the texture of my hair in its natural  state.

I really, truly was not even aware that there was a natural hair system in  place to measure the texture of your hair.  At that point I thought to myself, “This is really kind of crazy…that these people know more about my hair than the  human that even carries it!”  I went to my Twitter and sort of impulsively expressed that.  I don’t regret it one bit but sometimes trying to put how you  feel in an one-hundred forty character structure is not very successful.  It  sometimes comes off as ranty and aggressive, and that was not my stance at  all.

Source/Feature photo by Elias Tahan