Posted by | Ray Cornelius

MTV’s “House of Style’ is returning next month and will be hosted by the world’s #1 model, Joan Smalls.

According to EBONY, the Afro-Latin beauty is excited about her new gig and will be co-hosting the show with model Karlie Kloss.

“I’m excited. It’s part of evolving as a model and building a career. I think it’s just me taking it a step further. Of course I’ll be nervous because it’s uncharted territory, but I am so comfortable with myself and being who I am, that it comes natural. So that’s not a challenge for me. And I have my partner in crime Karlie Kloss, we get along, so to have a friend come along with you on the ride and experience the same moment makes it much greater.”

Smalls also says, the show will continue to give insight on the lives of models as it did when it premiered in 1989 featuring then host, Cindy Crawford.

“It will showcase our lives backstage and the dynamics that models have with designers and with one another. I think it’s really great for people to see that, you know what it’s really like and not the perception people have about modeling.”

Look for Smalls to make her splashy debut on October 9.