Posted by | Ray Cornelius

R&B singer Tyrese has reunited with a familiar friend to help several youth go to the next level.

The Fast and Furious star is mentoring a group of student filmmakers and teaching them the dos and don’ts of the entertainment industry.  He has teamed up with Sprite as part of a film contest that offers the winner a big screen premiere.

“The gist of the stuff that I was telling them was, we are as dreamers, perception creators and the world is an empty canvas waiting on new thoughts to think,” Tyrese said in a recent interview.

Tyrese can relate to the students having gotten his first big break as a young model in Coca-Cola commercials.  He says the partnership with the brand is like coming home to family.

“Coca-Cola, Sprite that’s my original family, that’s the first thing that I ever did,” said Tyrese. “So I was just honored to do anything that they wanted me to do,” he added. “And this just so happened to fall up my alley.”