Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Just when you thought you had a television show that featured the positive side of Black love and family relationships.

Reports are confirming that actress Tracee Ellis Ross will not be returning to the BET sitcom “Reed Between the Lines.”

According to MadameNoire, the actress/model released a statement on late Friday saying that while she cares about and believes in Reed, she might return at some point.  The statement comes after it was announced that Tony Rock, Michole White and Charlie Robinson would be joining the cast for season two as friends of Malcolm Jamal-Warner’s character Alex Reed.

The news is a little disheartening seeing as though ‘Reed’ is one of a few African-American sitcoms on television. The show is noted for its positive portrayal of the black family unit and is considered by many to be a modern day version of  “The Cosby Show”.

However, the news of Ross’ departure isn’t as much of a surprise.  Just last week rumors were swirling that she was leaving the show. Now the biggest challenge is seeing how her absence will play out in the story line.

Allegedly, season two will pick up with Alex Reed going thru the separation from Ross’ character Carla and finding himself a single father of three kids, two of which are not his biological children.  Will this work out? Is this realistic?  Will Carla’s character be replaced?

It will be very interesting to see ‘Reed’ when it returns to television in July 2013.

What are your thoughts on Tracee Ellis Ross leaving the show? Do you think they should replace her character?