Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Has Ne-Yo gone POP?   That’s what the critics are saying and he’s not happy about it.

The singer-songwriter was a little ticked at the recent comments that his music has gone pop and that he has strayed away from his R&B roots.  He addressed this rather sensitive subject recently with famed NYC DJ Angie Martinez.

“That kind of upset me because what ya’ll don’t understand is that it was R&B that gave me the platform to even be able to do a song like “Let Me Love You,” to do a song like “Closer,” or a song like “Beautiful Monster,” says Ne-Yo.

The new Sr. VP of A&R for Motown says that his musical roots have always been with R&B and his new album, R.E.D. will prove just that…

“I know where I came from. I know that R&B is where it started at for me. When this new album comes out, it will shut the mouths of everybody who feels like I have crossed over.”

Look for Ne-Yo’s album, R.E.D. to drop this fall.

Check out his performance from this past Friday’s Good Morning America Summer Concert Series

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