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RC shared the news of Think Like A Man cast members, Kevin Hart, Regina Hall and Michael Ealy being cast in About Last Night.  Well, the film has a new casting and a new title; actually the original title is being used.

Let me explain…Sexual Perversity in Chicago is the original title of the 1974 David Mamet play that the first film adaptation (About Last Night) was based on.

S&A reports Joy Bryant is going to play the lead female role; Demi Moore’s role in the first film.  Kevin Hart has signed on to play the Belushi role; while Michael Ealy will play the lead, originated by Rob Lowe.  Regina Hall will play the role originated on film by Elizabeth Perkins, the best friend, who has a love/hate relationship with Hart’s character.

Danny (Ealy) and Bernie (Hart) are two single men living their lives on the wild side.  But when Danny meets Debbie (Bryant) at a bar and the two start a relationship with a one night stand, Danny’s life takes a different turn.  How does this passionate night become a full affair and what effect will this relationship have on both people and their friendship with their best mates?

Production for Sexual Perversity In Chicago is slated to start this fall.  Steve Pink is set to helm the film and Will Packer, who also produced Think Like A Man, is producing.

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