Posted by | Ray Cornelius

For a few years now, it has been rumored that studios were looking at the possibility of remaking Berry Gordy’s “Mahogany.”  Unfortunately, there was no concrete evidence to support this claim…until now.

According to, a press release about a remake of the film has been spotted on the website of former Motown executive Suzanne dePasse.  The release indicates that her production company dePasse-Jones Entertainment now owns the rights to the film and is also looking for a production team including a writer and/or writer director.

“Mahogany” tells the story of Tracy Chambers (Diana Ross), an aspiring Chicago fashion designer who must choose between the man she loves (Billy Dee Williams) and the career she desires.

The film was a hit at the time of its release in 1975.  However, it failed to generate the same commercial success at the box office as the previous Motown film Lady Sings the Blues.  Although it featured the same great chemistry between Ross and Williams, it was the film’s theme song, “Do You Know Where You’re Going To” that was the winner.  It was nominated for the Best Original Song Academy Award and remains one of Ross’ most endearing songs.

Over time the film has gained a huge cult following among fashion models, designers, actresses and entertainers.  Everyone from Beyoncé to Thierry Mugler credit the film as inspiration for their careers and that is what dePasse and her team are hoping to re-create with this remake.

“We are excited to bring a remake of this classic film to a whole new audience and are grateful to Mr. Gordy for his trust” said Madison Jones. “There are so few female driven stories for African American actors and this is great material, with issues that are as relevant today as they were in the 70’s”, said Suzanne de Passe. “The heart of Mahogany is a story about making your dreams come true, and that is as relevant and urgent today as ever. And with platforms such Project Runway, BET, MTV, VH1 and the like, the capacity to deliver and expand the film’s audience has never been stronger”, said Ileen Maisel and Mark Ordesky [Amber Entertainment].

So where does this leave us?  Well, at least we know that the film is being developed for a remake.  The next big question is when and most importantly who will star in it.

Tell us your thoughts on remaking Mahogany.  Who would you like to see cast in the lead role?