Written by | Ray Cornelius 

Grammy Award-winner Estelle was in Atlanta last night as part of a promotional tour sponsored by the new wine Rosa Regale. The British soul diva playfully sashayed and danced her way through a unique set of musical numbers for the nearly packed Loft  at Center Stage.

The “American Boy” singer was dressed in a form-fitting black mini and rocking a curly bob hairdo reminiscent of Whitney Houston’s look from the “How Will I Know” video sans the big silver bow.

From the first note, Estelle immediately caught your attention, singing boldly while swaying her hips like the lead singer of a 60’s girl group.  She then switched gears and did a little bit of go-go which she says she picked up from her favorite U.S. city Washington D.C. Midway through her set, she reached back into the 80’s and did a selection from the Madonna songbook.  Finally she ended the show with songs from her latest album, All of Me.

Afterwards, Estelle greeted fans and took pictures.  She looked noticeably smaller and thinner posing next to her eagerly excited fans. RC along with Sister2Sister‘s Stephanie Dayton got a chance to chat with her before she headed out the door bound for Orlando, Florida.  We both talked to her about music, fashion and of course love and relationships.

Check it out…

SD: When you were singing the song “Thank You” you mentioned that it was very therapeutic. Why is that?

E: I went through the song literally right after I…how can I say this?  I sang it and then I broke up with the guy and the song became real life.  It was a very, “Oh ok” moment.

SD: Is it still helping you deal with it now?

E: No! I’m kinda over it now. Every time I get to the end of the song it’s like, “Oh God!”  Then you get with the spirit a little bit and then it moves and their [the audience] is like, “Is she’s still crying” and I’m like “I’m not crying over him anymore.”  It’s alright!

SD: By the way, I love the album All of Me…

E: Thank you

SD: I read somewhere that it didn’t chart in the U.K. and that was the first time that has happened. Why do you think that happened?

E: Well it didn’t in the U.K. This album is more like U.S. focused.  I want to say because the singles were like super R&B records and in the U.K. they don’t really have an R&B niche.  The singles were release as R&B records and they were like, “We have nowhere in the shops to put this,” because they do dance records.  Which is cool, you know.  I don’t make records specifically for any particular market.  I make records for the fans.  I when I go out there and sell out shows, I ain’t upset.

RC: Tonight you’re giving me Whitney with the hair. You sang a little Madonna…

E: (LOL) I’m giving Whitney because it was like, “Look I have some curls and because this hair needs a wash.”  So I was like let me put these curls in.

RC: Then you came out tonight with a 60’s throwback sound. Who were some of your musical influences?

E: Well definitely, I grew up on the Madonna and Whitney and all that stuff. But my inspiration for damn near everything is Diana Ross and the Supremes, the Ronettes.  A lot of reggae artist’s sound wise and vibe wise.  You know when I’m up there with my scant move. It’s like me listening to Dennis Brown and referring back to that one when I was kid.  So those guys are like my, my guys.  The style for me was and is Whitney, Madonna.  It’s Gloria Estefan—back in the day—DeBarge and all that stuff.  I love it.

RC: How would you describe your personal fashion style?

E: Easy! Whatever’s easy?

RC: What’s a must have item?

E: High heels. I’m a shoe girl.  I would say that my shoes are curated and my bags I happen upon. Like, I’ll say, “That’s a good bag’ and then I’m like ok cool.  And then I will wear that bag forever.  But then my shoes are the real thing. Well this will fit with the color scheme that goes in that section of the wardrobe with these shoes.  So I’m gonna get one more.  (LOL) I’m really a shoe girl!

SD: Do you find it hard to have relationships of substance in this business?

E: Oh Yes!  Awww, Yes!  That’s the hardest thing ever. You know trying to find people that are on your level and on your head space and really get it and understand it and don’t want to just take you for a ride. I’m an easy target.  I’m always moving.  There’s never anyone that’s a thousand percent.  So, it’s hard.  But you know I’m holding out.  God said that apparently he’s out there so…I guess.

RC: One more question. You said you have been on the road for a year. What has that been like? I’m sure you miss your family and friends.

E: I absolutely do.  My family comes out to visit. My little sister is here with me on this trip.  And I get to go home a lot.  So it’s not too bad.  The bad part is going home and changing your underwear and walking back out the door again.  It’s like good awww man!  It’s good to see you couch.  (LOL)