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Diana Ross has been pretty silent about the situation going on with Michael Jackson’s children…until now!

According to, the 68 year-old singer will sign off on a newly proposed custody agreement for Michael Jackson’s three children Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket. The agreement will give co-guardianship to their grandmother Katherine Jackson and older cousin TJ Jackson, son of Tito Jackson.

A source close to the situation tells

“Diana has no qualms whatsoever about the new custody agreement, she only wants what is best for the children. Diana knows that the children are old enough to decide who they want to live with and she defers to what they want. While Diana has been a big part of their lives because she lives on the East Coast, she is very fond of them.”

According to Michael’s will, Diana Ross was second in line to take care of his children if for some reason his mother Katherine Jackson was unable to do so.

Last week, Judge Mitchell Beckloff gave temporary custody of the children to TJ Jackson because Katherine Jackson was unable to found for an entire week.  Supposedly, Mrs. Jackson was away and resting with family in Arizona after suffering a mild stroke. The judge made the decision not because of any wrongdoing of Mrs. Jackson, but because she had been prevented from fulfilling her guardianship duties by an “intentional act from third parties.”

Things have turned completely “upside down” in the Jackson household.

The children have been caught up in the midst of family turmoil over MJ’s will and his estate. Several of Michael’s siblings including Janet, Jermaine and Randy all claim that his will is a fake. In addition to that, Janet and Paris allegedly exchanged words last week and even tussled over a cellphone resulting in the two striking each other. TJ Jackson reportedly put his uncle Randy Jackson in a headlock and punched his uncle Jermaine in the mouth.

Paperwork is expected to be submitted this week and the judge will sign off on the proposed new agreement.

Tell us your thoughts on this Jackson family situation. Is Diana Ross making the right decision?