Posted by | Tamara Ren’ee

Olympic Gold Medalists Venus and Serena Williams have been named two of the ESPNW’s top 40 female athletes of the past 40 years. 

ESPNW has created a list called “The Power of IX”.  It celebrates the 40th anniversary of Title IX promoting gender quality among college sports.  Both Venus and Serena have worked tirelessly on and off the court in the fight for equal pay for female athletes.

Since 1995 the Williams sisters have changed the face of tennis using their God-given talents of speed, dedication and strength.  Serena is #10 on ESPNW’s list and has 27 Grand Slam titles.   In 2002 she simultaneously held titles for Wimbledon, the French, U.S. and Australian Opens.

Venus landed the 21st slot with 21 Grand Slam titles.  Armed with a 129-mph record-breaking serve, she is the first Black woman in the world to be ranked No. 1 in the Open era.

Be sure to tune into SportsCenter leading into June 23 as they share the complete countdown of the top female athletes.