Posted by | Cyrena Rose

Twenty-one year old Los Angeles street artist, Kai is considered to be one of the city’s most promising urban artists!  His Now Royalty collection launched on May 4th and featured Hip Hop artists Jay-Z, Diddy, Kanye West and more as medieval royalty.

Kai first gained recognition after his Morons project; a series of street installations around LA of his own anti-smoking Malboro ‘foolish choice’ cigarette packets.  However, his latest work has taken his art off the streets and into the gallery.  Below is what Kai had to say about leaving the street environment and putting his work into the context of a gallery:

“I’m happy I got to show another side to my art. While I am known for my street art, I was mentored to appreciate art history and all forms of art, including classical painting. I am not a one-dimensional artist and I challenge myself to work in many different forms and mediums…I guess the Now Royalty collection brought my art into a new light, which is going to be fun and will be interesting to see what happens. I hope it will open some creative doors for me. I just want to keep going back in the studio and create more work. Whatever comes of it, I’ll be thankful for.”

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