Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Money, sex, power and temptation may be the roots of all evil but it sure proves to be good thing for television ratings.  Throw sports in the mix and you’ve got yourself a “SINsational” sitcom or drama that will be the talk around the office water cooler.  Just ask Shonda Rimes about her new success with the much talked about show Scandal.

According to, HBO understands this formula all too well and is bringing all five elements into play as part of a new dramedy about the NBA.  Jeff Nathanson and Gavin Polone of Rush Hour and Curb Your Enthusiasm fame have penned a new television show about the NBA.  The untitled project is said to go behind-the-scenes and look at the seedy world of professional basketball teams and the highs and lows of being a pro-athlete.

I guess with the success of shows like BET’s The Game, HBO is looking to have similar success with this show.  No word yet on who has been cast or storylines.  However, knowing HBO’s past history of original programming this show will be the “must watch” program in your weekly television line-up.

Tell us what you think about a new HBO sports dramedy ?