“I did it for myself, not for my fans,” Janet states about her weight-loss.  Last December Janet sat down with Juju Chang of ABC news and admitted even when she was in top shape, she felt insecure about her body.  Janet stated she was an emotional eater with serious body-image issues.  Now the entertainer is singing a new ‘tune’ about her physique and says she has a new strategy for staying healthy!

In a new campaign for Nutrisystem, the weight-loss program for which Janet is a spokeswoman, she is revealing a newly trimmed and toned figure.  New campaign photos show Janet wearing an orange dress and high, platform pumps.  The 45-year-old appears slim and shapely.

Janet hasn’t revealed how much weight she’s lost, but the new ads and promo pictures show her amazing transformation!  She doesn’t need to lose “a great amount,” she said, adding that she will stop “when I feel good about it.”

Source:  ABC News