Canada has been a pretty good ally to the United States. Over the years, we’ve shared and traded a lot. But the latest import from the “Maple Leaf” country is as sweet as honey…literally!

Meet Melissa “Hunny B” Veszi!

She is a Canadian-born pop singer-actress-model-and all around entertainer that knows what she wants and is determined to make her mark on the American music scene. But don’t be fooled by the pop singer label, this chick is a classically trained “monster” that can actually sing! recently talked to HunnyB about her move to the “A”, her desire to work with super music producer Brian Michael Cox and the release of her latest single, “Jack.”

RC:  Where did your name come from?

MHBV:  Well Melissa is my birth name which actually in Greek means “honeybee.”  So, I have a really good friend who is in the entertainment industry back in Canada and he said, “You know what? Why don’t you name yourself Honeybee?”’ And I thought about it and was like, “You know what? Ok, let’s do that.” So we were trying to find different ways of spelling it out and H-U-N-N-Y-B just kind of hit me and stuck and I was like should I just call myself “HunnyB” or should I should add my first and last name to it. And I struggled with that as well. So then I decided I would attach my first and last name to it. So now it’s Melissa “HunnyB” Veszi but some people just call me “HunnyB.”

RC:  Who were some of your musical influences growing up in Canada?

MHBV:  Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston. I use to sing in front of the mirror listening to Whitney and sing her songs…every single one. I met her actually when I was seven, her and Bobby Brown, and she wanted to take me home because she thought I was so cute. Sorry mom but I would have gone with Whitney Houston.

RC:  You just recently relocated to Atlanta, who are some of the artists here that you would like to work with?

MHBV:  Oh Gosh! Brian Michael Cox! I would love for him to write and produce a new track for me. I would love to work with Olivia. Her voice is fantastic. I don’t know if you have heard of Salasi. But he is a producer right now who is working with Kandi Burruss and I had the opportunity to be in one of his videos. He is an engineer on her show, “The Kandi Factory.”  Through him, I would love to work with Kandi Burruss. Even though I write myself, I would love to co write a song with her.

RC:  Your sound is very “pop” but you can really sing, do you find that most pop singers have to hold back?

MHBV: Yeah, I think as pop singers we’re put in a box. For instance, Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls, she is like your ideal pop singer. Honestly, at first I didn’t think she could really sing. But then I saw her perform recently on the X Factor show and for the first time got to really hear her vocal ability.  I think it was the song she was singing that allowed her to really show her vocal range. Until that date, for years I had no idea that she could sing like that… which is really unfortunate.

I also think it’s the way that labels market talent these days. You know a lot of companies want to sell records and make money. And sometimes those ballads that can really showcase your voice are not always the ones that are going to sell, unless you’re Jennifer Hudson or you’ve been marketed as a balladeer. Besides with most pop stars it’s more about image than vocal ability.

RC: Your new single “Jack” was just released on iTunes, how exciting is that?

MHBV:  To go from writing the song and then the studio and then record it and then hear the final project and actually have it out for the public to hear it and for people to jam to–It’s such a small thing but it’s very gratifying. I can’t really explain it, because it’s a piece of me. The EP is expected to come out this summer and the music video for “Jack” is also in the making. We’ve shot the first half of it in Miami. The behind the scenes video is up on YouTube. And we are shooting the second half of the video here in Atlanta. We’re hoping to have the music video released by the end of April.

RC:  What other projects are you currently working on besides music?

MHBV:  Well, I just started working with YUL Radio which is a new internet radio station. I’m an online radio personality and my co-hosts are Zione the ArchAngel of radio, Spider, and Ray Grimm. YUL stands for Young Urban Lifestyle. So, people can listen to me at or catch me at

Here is Melissa “HunnyB” Veszi’s video, “Unknown”

[youtube id=”B2X2DKzb9Bk” width=”600″ height=”350″]