Grammy-nominated singer, Keri Hilson is gearing up to release some new music. The Georgia-born vocalist recently talked to about putting the finishing touches on her third project.

She also revealed that she had to step away from all the touring and concerts to ‘focus more on family and living life’ before making this album.

“I’ve just been in the studio. I’ve also taken a step back from taking so many shows and accepting every single offer. I wanted to live and experience new things. That’s what I really like to do between every single album. Just take a few months off and live life. I thought it was important to allow my home family and personal relationships to flourish again. Because you can lose a lot of that…you miss a lot of things.”

Hilson’s second album, No Boys Allowed produced such hits as Breaking Point and Pretty Girl Rock. But this third time around, Keri hopes to show her emotional side since she has “gone through some hurt in the past couple of years.”

Keri also isn’t saying much about a release date either…

“To tell you the truth I don’t want to know [laughs]. I just write about my experiences and keep the release dates far, far from me. When I feel that I have [good material] is when I will give it to the label. But I’m not quite there yet. I’m still working.”