Contemporary Gospel singing duo Mary Mary will present their spin on reality programming in MARY MARY airing March 29th at 10pm ET/PT, following the Braxton Family Values Reunion Special on

The sisters Tina and Erica promise there will be enough drama, laughter and singing to keep audiences entertained.  From parenting to attending red carpet premiers and award ceremonies, MARY MARY will give fans a bird’s eye view of what it’s really like to be famous, fabulous and faith-filled!

[youtube id=”r9YRzaokYSA” width=”600″ height=”350″] had an opportunity to attend a press luncheon recently with the Grammy-winning sisters and found their perspective on being “Christian” and “celebrity” quite refreshing. Check it out!

Mary Mary on the impact they hope the show will have on families…

“We are so excited about being able to let our love show for our husbands and for our families. How challenging it is to take the Mary Mary hat or hair off LOL and then come home and just be wives and mothers.  That’s important to us.  We can’t go out and love and live in front of the whole world and then come home and our families are like, ‘Hey, remember us.’  They’re our first priority. We are believers and so the bible tells us that love or charity begins at home and then spreads abroad.”

Mary Mary on the overall message of the show…

“Family, faith, fame, chaos and how we make all that work. It’s life as we know it!  It will be an eye opener for some who think we’re just ‘Christians’ and we buy ‘Christian’ soap or have a ‘Christian’ plumber or drive a ‘Christian’ car.  You know, some people are closed minded and we hope to open their eyes.  And for the believers, we hope that they will cheer and support and know that we are a family and partners in the body of Christ.  And let them see that we are regular, everyday people with God as the source, center and focal point of everything we do.”

The series premier of MARY MARY begins Thursday, March 29th at 10pm

Check out Mary Mary’s latest song, “Go Get It” from their new album, Something Big

[youtube id=”08GInhfyhWA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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