Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade recently announced that he is writing a new book on fatherhood. The single parent and 2012 NBA All Star will release a book in September entitled, A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger than Basketball.

According to, Wade has always wanted to be a professional basketball player but being a father is just as rewarding.

“As a child, I grew up with aspirations to one day be a professional basketball player, and I am living that dream every day as a proud member of the Miami Heat.  However, the daily role I play in the lives of my two children is the single most significant undertaking of my life, and the job I take most seriously.”

Wade is the father of two boys, Zaire Blessing Dwayne Wade and Zion Malachi Airamis Wade.  He recently shared with the Associated Press, how the Trayvon Martin tragedy really “hits home” for him as a father.

“Last Christmas, all my oldest son wanted as a gift was hoodies. So when I heard about this a week ago, I thought of my sons. I’m speaking up because I feel it’s necessary that we get past the stereotypes of young, Black men and especially with our youth.”

Wade and 13 of his Miami Heat teammates took this photo as a way of paying tribute to slain teen.

Will you read Dwyane Wade’s book on fatherhood when it comes out in September?